Claim for Nerve Damage Caused by the Dentist

What is involved in making a claim for nerve damage caused by the dentist and can nerve damage be serious?

In order to make a claim for nerve damage caused by the dentist it is in your best interest to contact a claims solicitor with experience in dental nerve damage injury claims at the first possible moment. Pursuing claims such as one for a damaged nerve sustained due to dentist negligence can be complicated due to the fact your injury may not necessarily be considered as being a demonstration of negligence on the part of the dentist. For the dental professional to be considered as negligent, it will have to be determined that the nerve damage you sustained was avoidable and would not have occurred had alternative steps been taken or if another competent dentist had been treating you.

A claims solicitor will be able to establish whether or not negligence occurred by contacting the dental team involved in the procedure that resulted in your nerve damage. It is not always just the dentist involved in the procedure that is to blame for a dental negligence injury. Sometimes it can be the fault of several parties. For instance, there could have been an error on the part of the dental assistant or because of wrong information provided due to an administrational error. Therefore it is necessary for everyone involved to be contacted to obtain the relevant medical notes and documentation. All of this will be shown to an independent dental expert who may also examine you to determine the extent of your damaged nerve sustained due to dentist negligence.

They will be able to assess whether or not negligence occurred. From what they conclude your solicitor will decide whether or not your claim for nerve damage caused by the dentist is worth pursuing and if they will offer you legal representation. Should your solicitor decide that you have a claim with a reasonable chance of success, they will send a letter of claim to the negligent party. They will have twenty one days to acknowledge receipt of this letter and a further ninety days to inform your solicitor of whether or not they accept liability for your nerve damage. If they accept liability, negotiations for how much compensation for dental nerve damage injury claim you are entitled to will begin. If liability is denied then your claim may have to be settled in court.

Whether or not the nerve damage you are suffering from is serious can only be determined by a medical professional who knows the location and severity of the particular injury you are suffering from. Dental treatment could cause nerve damage to a variety of areas, such as your tongue, lips, jaw or even your chin. Jaw, chin or lip nerve damage can cause numbness in these areas which occurs when there has been damage to the inferior alveolar nerve which can happen due to wisdom tooth extraction. Occasionally this can be remedied swiftly with surgery, however sometimes extensive medical treatment will be necessary. Nerve damage in the tongue is the result of lingual nerve damage which can occur due to the use of anaesthetic injections. The pain caused can be debilitating and such damage can take a significant amount of heal.

The information provided here regarding making a dental negligence claim in relation to nerve damage is merely general advice. It is no substitute to contacting a claims solicitor as soon as it is convenient so that you may arrange a consultation to discuss your claim for nerve damage caused by the dentist.