Compensation for Contracting Infection in Hospital

What would my father have to do to claim compensation for contracting infection in hospital?

For your father to claim compensation for contracting infection in hospital he should contact a personal injury claims solicitor who has knowledge of hospital infection compensation claims at the first possible moment. Once they are informed of your father’s situation, the circumstances in which this infection was contracted and the subsequent affect it has had on his quality of life the solicitor will be able to advise your father of whether or not he has a claim that is worth pursuing. If your father’s contracting infection in hospital claim is considered to be a viable option, his solicitor will attempt to establish negligence.

Establishing negligence is necessary as without a negligent party there is nobody to make a claim against. As with other medical negligence claims, pursuing a claim for compensation for contracting infection in hospital is likely to be complicated. This could be especially so if your father contracted MRSA and was not screened for it prior to his stay in hospital. However, there could be other grounds for making a claim such as failure of the hospital staff to treat his infection in a timely manner, if he was not given the correct antibiotics or if his condition was not monitored adequately. Your father should take note of any possible demonstrations of negligence by hospital staff and inform his solicitor of these upon meeting with him.

Once negligence is established and liability is admitted by a staff member(s) then his solicitor will negotiate with the hospital insurers to calculate how much your father should be entitled to receive in his hospital infection compensation claim. They will determine this by taking into consideration your father’s age, sex, general state of health prior to contracting infection, the pain and suffering he experienced due to the infection and the impact it has had on his life subsequently. It would be wise to retain and receipts and documentation that could strengthen his contracting infection in hospital claim. This could include receipts for medical expenses, his payslips if the infection has left him unable to work for a significant period of time and even perhaps a diary that he has maintained where he has recorded instances where the contraction of his illness has affected him psychologically.

This general advice regarding how your father should make claim and how it may be calculated is no alternative to seeking the assistance of a personal injury claims solicitor at the first possible moment. Although your father will have three years to pursue a claim beginning on the date that he was aware of having the infection, in accordance with the UK Statute of Limitations, beginning the claims process as soon as possible will ensure that any unforeseen delays and complications will not hinder the claims process. Your father should make an appointment for a consultation with a solicitor as soon as he can to discuss his options with regards to compensation for contracting infection in hospital.