Addenbrooke’s to Pay 2 Million Pounds for Brain Injury

The world-famous Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridgeshire has settled a medical negligence compensation claim worth approximately 2 million pounds after a patient in its care suffered traumatic brain injury.

Neal Allen, 42, had a known medical history of hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia – a condition which results in abnormal blood vessel development – and carried a “medic alert card” at all times. Despite his condition, he led a full and active life until he was admitted to the hospital in May 2003.

On his admission to Addenbrookes, Neal had given the card to a paramedic, who subsequently wrote on the patient’s notes in large capital letters that he was predisposed to cerebral abscesses. However, and despite the warning of this potential complication, the medical staff at Addenbrookes diagnosed Neal as suffering from a stroke and discharged him from hospital one week later.

Neal’s condition deteriorated due to undetected brain abscesses, and he was re-admitted two days later – by which time he was very poorly, and a number of operations were subsequently required to remove the growths.

Neal was left severely brain damaged as a result of the delay in diagnosis and treatment of the brain abscesses, and now experiences cognitive and decision making difficulties as well as requiring care for 15 hours a day. Neal has been assessed as not safe to live alone and no longer capable of employment.

Addenbrookes at first denied the allegations of medical negligence, and then admitted partial responsibility. However, immediately before a scheduled High Court trial was about to commence, they admitted 100% liability and agreed the compensation package.

The compensation package is comprised of an immediate payment of 1.03 million pounds, followed by annual payments starting at 35,000 pounds per year and rising to a ceiling of 44,477 pounds per annum for the rest of Neal’s life.