Blood Poisoning Baby Compensated with 5,000 Pounds

The parents of a new-born baby daughter, infected with deadly bacteria during birth, have received compensation after Epsom Hospital admitted negligence in her care.

The mother, Alexandra Carter of Banstead, Surrey, was known to be a carrier of group B streptococcus bacteria, yet doctors failed to prescribe her with the appropriate antibiotics to prevent the transmission of the infection to her daughter, Imogen, during birth.

Imogen, who is now 23 months, was initially treated for jaundice after her birth and then transferred to a special care baby unit at the hospital. She was put through a series of invasive procedures, such as a lumbar puncture to check her spinal fluid, had to receive intravenous doses of antibiotics and be put in a UV cot to treat the jaundice.

Both Alexandra and Imogen were discharged after a week of treatment, but within five weeks Imogen was back in hospital again with blood poisoning due to the group B streptococcus infection. Fortunately, she suffered none of the regular symptoms associated with the infection – brain damage or loss of hearing – and is now in good health.

Suing the Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust through her parents, Epsom Crown Court approved the compensation settlement of 5,000 pounds for Imogen, plus 1,000 pounds in out-of-pocket expenses for her parents. Imogen’s compensation will remain in court until she is eighteen.