Woman Settles Claim for Late Diagnosis of Rectal Cancer

A seventy-six year old woman has settled her claim for the late diagnosis of rectal cancer by her GP for an undisclosed amount out of court.

The woman – identified only as “Lesley” – made a claim for the late diagnosis of rectal cancer after visiting her GP frequently over the course of two years, complaining of an increased bowel frequency and the sensation of an incomplete emptying of her bowels.

Despite her concerns, Lesley´s GP failed to examine her or refer her to a specialist during that time. Eventually Lesley´s condition was accurately diagnosed, and she had to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy in addition to undergoing radical surgery to site a permanent colostomy.

Fortunately the cancer diagnosis was made in time so that the condition could be treated before it spread to other areas of her body, but Lesley still suffers the consequences of the poor standard of treatment she received as well as experiencing a considerable deterioration in her quality of life.

The claim for the late diagnosis of rectal cancer was pursued on Lesley´s behalf by her solicitor, who was able to demonstrate that if her GP had conducted an examination when Lesley first expressed her concerns – or at least referred Lesley to a specialist – her condition could have been treated without the need for chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or the need for a colostomy.

Liability was conceded, and an undisclosed settlement of the claim for the late diagnosis of rectal cancer was made out of court. Afterwards, Lesley´s solicitor commented: “Luckily, Lesley’s cancer had not spread so far as to make it untreatable, but she has still been left with side effects from the treatment that affects her daily life.”