Woman Receives €40,000 Compensation for Negligent Treatment by a Dentist

A woman has received €40,000 compensation for negligent dental treatment by a dentist after making a complaint to the Dental Complaints Resolution Service.

The complaint by the unnamed woman was one of 130 grievances received by the Dental Complaints Resolution Service last year, made against dentist´s in Ireland for unsatisfactory treatment. The grievances were revealed in the Service´s Annual Report, and although it is not made clear how many of the grievances were upheld in the complainant´s favour, this case is particularly interesting.

According to details published in the Annual Report, the woman had attended her regular dentist twice a year since 1993 and believed that her teeth were in good health. However, when she visited a cosmetic dentist last year to have implants fitted, the woman was told that her gums were not in a good state and that she would need a significant amount of treatment before implants could be fitted.

The woman had to undergo specialist treatment from a periodontist to repair the damage to her gums – which was both expensive and painful. After the treatment, she wrote a letter of complaint to her regular dentist which went unanswered and then contacted the Dental Complaints Resolution Service.

The Service mediated on the woman´s behalf to secure €40,000 compensation for negligent treatment by a dentist. The compensation settlement includes a refund of the money she had paid her regular dentist for dental treatment over the past ten years, the cost of the periodontist´s treatment for her gums and the dental implants, and an amount to pay for check-ups over the next ten years.

However, what is interesting about this claim for compensation for negligent treatment by a dentist is that the settlement is basically what a claimant would expect to receive in special damages had the claim been made through a solicitor. The settlement fails to take into account the pain and suffering the woman experienced during the periodontist´s treatment, and the emotional trauma that accompanied ongoing and extensive treatment, and the impact that the treatment had on her quality of life.

If you believe that you have been the victim of negligent dentistry, and want to recover the maximum possible compensation for negligent treatment by a dentist, it is always in your best interests to discuss the nature of your injury with a solicitor before accepting any other resolution to your potential claim for injury compensation.