Settlement of Compensation for the Failure to Spot a Detached Retina Agreed

A woman has agreed to a settlement of compensation for the failure to spot a detached retina that resulted in her losing the sight in her left eye.

The woman identified only as “Ms S” is a diabetes sufferer who, prior to 2008, had undergone two successful operations for cataracts. As she noticed her vision was failing in her left eye in November 2009, she visited an optometrist, who prescribed glasses.

The glasses failed to resolve the problem in the woman´s left eye and “Ms S” visited her GP in December 2009, who prescribed eye drops. She was seen by a different GP a week later, who referred her to an ophthalmic specialist after noticing a cloudiness on the lens of her left eye.

While she was waiting for an appointment to see the ophthalmic specialist, “Ms S” completely lost the vision in her left eye. On 29th December she telephoned her GP, who made an urgent referral for her to attend a specialist eye hospital.

At the hospital, “Ms S” was informed that her loss of vision was attributable to a detached retina in her left eye that had occurred some three to four weeks previously and which was, by that point, inoperable.

“Ms S” sought legal advice and claimed compensation for the failure to spot a detached retina after it was shown that, had she receive competent medical attention at the beginning of December, the sight in her left eye could have been saved.

It was also discovered during the course of her solicitor´s investigations that one of the GPs “Ms S” had seen had altered her medical notes retrospectively. Liability for the woman´s loss of sight in her left eye was admitted by the GP surgery, and a substantial five-figure settlement of compensation for the failure to spot a detached retina was agreed.