Gynaecological Negligence Compensation for Hysterectomy Patient

A woman who lost her child due to a medical error by staff at the Royal Cornwall Hospital has been awarded £62,000 in gynaecological negligence compensation in an out-of-court settlement.

The woman, who was not named, attended the Royal Cornwall Hospital in November 2007 for a hysterectomy procedure, during which the medical team discovered that she was fourteen weeks pregnant. The woman had been unaware that she was pregnant but, once her cervix had been abstracted, the continuation of the pregnancy was unviable.

Following an investigation into the operation it was discovered that the consultant gynaecologist – Dr Rob Jones – had seen that the uterus was “abnormally large” but had continued with the procedure in spite of this. Dr Jones has resigned since the incident and is being investigated by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists due to the frequency of surgical complications during his procedures.

After seeking legal advice, the female made a claim for gynaecological negligence compensation against the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust stating that, had she known she was expecting a child, she would never have gone ahead with the hysterectomy procedure. Although having suffered no physical harm, it was found that the patient had undergone a significant emotional stress.

The hospital Trust admitted liability for an “inadvertent termination” and conceded that that the diagnosis of the pregnancy should have been made at the point when it was still possible to for the pregnancy to continue. After negotiating with the woman´s legal representative´s, a settlement of £62,000 in gynaecological negligence compensation errors was agreed.