Clinical Negligence Award Agreed for Brain Injury Compensation

An individual, who sustained brain damage due to alleged negligence at his birth, has settled his brain injury compensation claim against the NHS East Midlands Strategic Health Authority.

Mathew Eacott (aged 25) of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, was given birth to at the Kings Mill Hospital in 1986 showing no signs of life. He was resuscitated by medics but, it was claimed in an action for brain injury compensation, that had the medical team acted sooner Mathew would not have sustained the traumatic injuries he lives with today.

Mr Justice Wilkie was told at the High Court in London that Mathew now suffers with cerebral palsy, mobility problems, limited vision, behavioural difficulties and epilepsy due to the alleged medical negligence. The Kings Mill Hospital and NHS East Midlands Strategic Health Authority but, the judge heard, had agreed to a brain injury compensation settlement on the grounds that a trial in court could have gone either way.

In approving the settlement, which is constituted of a lump sum payment of 200,000 pounds and a yet-to-be-agreed annual payment, Mr Justice Wilkie said “In those circumstances, the parties are to be congratulated in having the wisdom to settle the case on a compromise basis, rather than put all at risk on a trial.”