Premature Hospital Discharge Compensation for 102 Year Old

A 102 year old woman has been awarded premature hospital discharge compensation after she was sent home from a hospital accident and emergency department despite having sustained a broken pelvis.

Lydia Eaton from Wigmore in Kent was brought to the Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham in March 2007 after experiencing a fall near her home which resulted in a broken pelvis. Medics at the hospital tended to Lydia and discharged her after just eight hours, due to which – it was claimed in London´s High Court – Lydia´s condition deteriorated both physically and mentally and caused her to be moved to a specialist care home the following month.

Lydia´s daughter, Elaine Griffin, brought a claim for premature hospital discharge compensation against the Medway NHS Trust, alleging that her mother was only provided with painkillers which made her ill and lose a considerable amount of weight. Elaine also alleged that, as Lydia´s condition deteriorated, she developed sores and ulcers, and neither support or advice was forthcoming from the hospital on how to deal with the situation.

Judge Sweeney at the High Court was told that, as Lydia lost the ability to walk independently, she was moved to a second care home where she receives constant help and supervision. He agreed with the arguments put forward by solicitors representing Lydia and Elaine that, had it not been for the negligence of medical staff at the Medway Maritime Hospital, Lydia would still be able to walk.

Awarding Lydia 35,000 pounds in premature hospital discharge compensation, Judge Sweeney ordered that the funds be placed in trust to pay for Lydia´s care.

This article is about hospital negligence in the UK. Please refer to Hospital Negligence Ireland for information related to Irish hospital negligence cases.