Claim for Nerve Damage to Lips by Dentist

Can I get special damages as part of a claim for nerve damage to lips by dentist and how would I go about getting this?

If you are eligible to claim for nerve damage to lips by dentist then you may be eligible to receive special damages as part of your claim. Special damages are the aspect of personal injury claims where you can be compensated for any financial impact a dental injury has had on your life. It is split into two categories — “incidental special damages” and “consequential special damages”. Incidental special damages would deal with the expenses incurred with immediately remedying your dentist nerve damage to lips injury. Here you would be compensated for any immediate medication administered or treatment given in an attempt to rectify your injury. Consequential special damages deal with more long-term costs of an injury. You could be compensated for long term medications that are necessary, loss of finances if your injury has caused you to miss any work and if you are likely to miss any work in future.

To find out if you will be eligible to special damages as part of your compensation claim for nerve damage to lips by dentist, you should contact a personal injury claims solicitor who has experience in dealing with lips nerve damage compensation claim at the soonest possible moment. Inform them of the situation in which you sustained injury, the pain and suffering you have endured and the subsequent impact it has had on your quality of life. He or she will get in contact with the dental team involved in the procedure that caused you to sustain lip nerve damage. The reason why they contact everyone involved is because it is not always necessarily the dentist who is at fault for a patient sustaining injury.

Nerve damage can be caused by a reaction to anaesthetic administered in the inferior alveolar nerve to numb jaw, teeth and tongue. Your damage could have been caused by a dental assistant who administered the wrong dose, or wrong information provided to the dentist about your situation. There can be a number of possibilities, therefore your solicitor will obtain all the relevant dental medical documentation and show it to an independent dental expert who will be able to determine whether or not your dentist nerve damage to lips injury could have been avoided if a dental professional involved had taken alternative action or if another competent professional had been performing the procedure. If the expert concludes that negligence did occur then your solicitor will decide if they will represent you in your lips nerve damage compensation claim and begin the claims process.

By contacting a personal injury claims solicitor for advice at the first possible moment you will be able to get a better idea of your options with regards to making a claim for nerve damage to lips by dentist. Once you inform them of the specific circumstances of your situation they will be able to provide you with more relevant advice than provided here about lip nerve damage and special damages.