Privacy Policy

The service adheres to a strict privacy policy to protect members of the public who access our web site. Each of our experienced personal injury solicitors is regulated by the Law Society and accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers — ensuring that complete confidentiality is maintained between solicitor and client.

Web Privacy

Furthermore, no personal data is collected from visitors to our web site by the use of html “cookies” or any other means. We collect web statistics relating to the volume of visitors to our web site, but neither browsing preferences are recorded nor details of the pages which are viewed. We would advise you to review the privacy policies of web sites which link to us, as the same levels of privacy cannot be guaranteed.

Requests for Legal Assistance

The same level of client security exists when we receive a request for legal assistance via one of the call-back forms which appear on pages throughout this web site. Requests for legal assistance are sent directly to a qualified and accredited solicitor and the service will never call you unless in response to a request for legal assistance or in the event that a pre-appointed time has been arranged.

We Do Not Maintain Databases

None of the information received on a request for legal assistance or gathered in the course of a confidential conversation is stored on any database. We will never sell on any of your personal details to a marketing company, and if you would like further information on the regulations which protect clients and their privacy, you are invited to contact us.