Prescription Glasses at the Hospital

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During an eye exam, your doctor will give you a prescription for glasses. The prescription explains what lens strength will be needed to correct your vision. It also describes the distances at which you can see clearly. A prescription should provide good vision and allow you to wear glasses comfortably. You should also ask your doctor if you have any eye allergies or health conditions. These questions will help you learn more about your eyes and your vision.

Your doctor may also ask you to perform various tests. These tests can help them to determine if you need glasses or contacts. They may also help to determine your refractive error, which is the ability of your eyes to focus on images. A refractive error can be corrected through eye surgery, glasses, or contacts. You may also have to undergo additional tests depending on your age and medical history.

During an eye exam, your doctor will test your vision and eye pressure. They may also use a slit lamp to examine your iris and lens. Your doctor may also use a computerized refractor. Your doctor may also need to administer eyedrops to dilate your eyes. If your eyes are dilated, you should wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunlight. You may also be asked to use a card with letters at a certain distance to test your near vision. You should also have a copy of your prescription if you want to purchase eyewear. You may also want to use an online tool to find your prescription.

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Some people use the online prescription tool to order glasses online. This can save you time and money, but it isn't for everyone.You may also want to wait until your next eye exam to order your glasses. If you do not have a copy of your prescription, ask your doctor for a copy. The prescription date will help you to ensure that your glasses will fit properly. You may also want to ask about your prescription in case you need to return it.

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You may also be asked to use a pachymeter to measure the thickness of your cornea. This is done by placing a small probe on the front surface of your eye. The thickness of your cornea is determined by the amount of light waves that are bent by the lens and the cornea. As you age, your cornea gets stiffer and less able to bend light waves.

Your doctor may also use retinoscopy to test your refractive error. This test uses light to determine how clear your vision is. Retinoscopy can also be used to test other eye disorders, such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. Your doctor may also need to use other tests, such as imaging, to determine if you have eye disorders.

During an eye exam, your optician may need to use a slit lamp to examine the lens, the cornea, and the iris. Your doctor may also use an anesthetic drop to numb your eye. This may also require several lights. If you are unable to obtain a copy of your prescription, ask your eye doctor if you can obtain a copy. You can also use free smartphone apps and online prescription tools to get your prescription.

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