Claim Nerve Damage to Tongue by Dentist

Is it possible to claim for pain and suffering as part of a claim nerve damage to tongue by dentist?

It could be possible to claim for pain and suffering as part of a claim nerve damage to tongue by dentist. This would be covered in the area of personal injury claims known as general damages. General damages compensate for the non-financial aspects of how an injury from dental negligence can impact your life. In addition to pain and suffering, your “loss of amenity” will be taken into consideration. This is when you have lost the ability to take part in day-to-day tasks, both permanently and temporarily. For example, if you can no longer do household chores, look after your children or even derive enjoyment from pastimes then you could be compensated for this as part of general damages. However, before you can discuss what you may be compensated for and how much you could possibly obtain as part of your tongue nerve damage compensation claim, negligence must be established.

Claim Nerve Damage to Tongue by DentistTo go about doing this you should contact a personal injury claims solicitor with knowledge of dental negligence claims at the first possible moment. Once you inform them of the circumstances of how you sustained your dentist nerve damage injury and the extent of it, they will contact the dental team involved in the procedure that caused you to sustain your injury. They will not apportion blame but merely obtain the relevant dental notes to present to an independent dental expert who will be able to determine whether or not your injury could have been avoided and if it was a demonstration of negligence. They will assess if anyone in the dental team could have followed an alternative course of action and if your injury still would have occurred if another dental professional had been performing. They will inform your solicitor of their conclusions. Your solicitor will then in turn decide if your claim nerve damage to tongue by dentist is worth pursuing.

It is also advisable to contact a solicitor at the first possible moment so that you can be adequately compensated in the event that your nerve damage is severe and long-term. You did not mention how your dentist nerve damage injury was sustained but such injuries can vary in severity. Instances when it can occur include when anaesthesia is administered to the inferior alveolar nerve so that the jaw, tongue and teeth will be made numb during dental procedures. It sounds like you could have lingual nerve damage, which can result in long-term numbness of the tongue and losing the ability to taste and speak in a normal manner. Sometimes it possible to recover from these symptoms but sometimes the damage can have lifelong effects and result in long-term excruciating pain.

The information provided here regarding tongue nerve damage compensation claim is by no means an alternative to the advice that a solicitor who has been informed of your situation will be able to provide. You should make sure to discuss your claim nerve damage to tongue by dentist with one at the soonest possible moment.